Friday, July 22, 2011

Sick Horror Unravels in Norway: 80 Kids Murdered in Camp

Regardless of the motive, this is just sickening.

Police: Shooting suspect has anti-Muslim views
Police say a Norwegian man arrested after a massacre of at least 80 summer campers at an island retreat is a right-winger with anti-Muslim views, but they don't know whether that was a factor in the attacks.

National police chief Sveinung Sponheim told public broadcaster NRK that the suspected gunman's Internet postings "suggest that he has some political traits directed toward the right, and anti-Muslim views, but if that was a motivation for the actual act remains to be seen."

Earlier speculation of Muslim Jihadism are now redirected to still speculations of some "Right Wing Lunacy" - what-ever that'll entail. I know of no rational or justification for such vomit inducing barbarism.

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