Friday, July 01, 2011

As if Greece doesn't have enough trouble: US flotilla ship disembarked illegally, stopped

Try and test the patience of people dealing with anarchists burning police vehicles at Athens... I'm pretty sure they'll be properly treated in Greek prisons.

Greece is right to forbid ships departing their port into an illegal blockade busting mission.

Audacity of floating anti-Semitism, by Hamas supporting, mostly communists in the USA.

Greece Stops US Flotilla Ship After it Leaves Port
Organizers behind the US flotilla ship 'Audacity of Hope' said Geek authorities stopped the boat shortly after it left port, Reuters reported Friday.

The Audacity had reportedly left port 15-20 minutes before it was stopped, but was still in Greek territorial waters. Organizers had earlier said the boat would not disembark until early next week.

Following the incident Minister C. Papoutsis of the Greek Ministry of Citizen Protection released a statement saying his government had decided to prohibit the departure of ships flying either Greek or foreign flags "to the maritime area" of Gaza.

"By orders of the Hellenic Coast Guard Head Quarters to all local Hellenic Coast Guard Authorities, all appropriate measures are to be taken for the implementation of the said decision," the statement said.

The statement continued "broader maritime area of eastern Mediterranean will be continuously monitored by electronic means for tracking, where applicable, the movements of the ships allegedly participating" in the Gaza flotilla.

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