Monday, July 11, 2011

Egypt breaches diplomatic immunity of Kosher food truck to Israeli embassy

Da-Joooos plotted evil things with their self supplied Kosher food.

Obviously, Egypt does it's best to hurt relationship - including the continued arrest of US/Israel civilian under preposterous "spying" charges.

Egypt detains kosher food delivery to Israeli embassy (ynet)

Springtime... hate is deep rooted in Egypt
Taba Border guards violate diplomatic protocol, search car delivering food to Israeli diplomats in Cairo

Israel's tense relations with Egypt were strained further recently, after Egyptian border guards stationed at the Taba Border detained vehicles transporting kosher food to the Israeli diplomatic staff stationed at the Cairo embassy, Ynet learned Sunday.

The vehicles underwent an extensive security check, which included stripping them from their cargo, before they were allowed to cross into Egypt.

In the past, Israeli vehicles carrying food transports were allowed through the Taba crossing immediately, since as diplomatic vehicles, they enjoy diplomatic immunity.

Jerusalem was irked by the act, calling it a violation of diplomatic protocol.

Israeli Ambassador to Egypt Yitzhak Levanon filed an official complaint with Cairo's Foreign Ministry.

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