Friday, April 01, 2011

Soros funded fake "zionist Jewish" front group objects stopping incitement to murder of Jews by PA Arabs

Soros - an anti-Semitic atheist of Jewish descent who survived the holocaust only to seek the demise of Jews who reside in Israel. Case closed.

Joel Mowbray reports: J-Street defends the indefensible

J-Street suffered a humiliating defeat yesterday on Capitol Hill -- which means Israel scored an important victory.

The George Soros-funded "pro-Israel" group inexplicably mobilized its machinery to oppose a bipartisan letter that merely called on President Obama to pressure the Palestinian Authority to end its longstanding practice of inciting its people to commit terrorism against the Jewish state.

Even in a town where tin-eared stupidity is commonplace, essentially protecting the PA's ability to encourage violence against its Jewish neighbors is jaw-dropping.

The straightforward letter, authored by Reps. Steve Rothman (D-NJ) and Steve Austria (R-OH), asks Obama to pressure PA President Mahmoud Abbas to "fully renounce any and all Palestinian incitement against Israel and the Jewish people."

Given how uncontroversial it really was, the letter unsurprisingly garnered support from over two-thirds of the members of the two key committees that actually handle foreign policy. There are only a few more Republicans signed on than Democrats, making it truly bipartisan.

Even some of the Congressmen who are considered the strongest supporters of J-Street signed the Rothman-Austria letter, including unabashed leftist Jan Schakowsky of Illinois.

More important, every single subcommittee chairman from the Foreign Affairs Committee signed the letter, signaling support from the most influential lawmakers. (As a matter of custom, the chair and ranking member don't usually sign on to letters relating to their committee's purview.)

As a practical matter, the letter won't impact policy - at least not right away. But with the overwhelming majority of the members of Foreign Affairs and most of its leaders pressing the administration to end Palestinian incitement, there undoubtedly will be legislative action if PA incitement continues.

Considering how much direct and indirect support the U.S. provides to the Palestinians each year, Congress could take decisive action to at least ensure that U.S. taxpayers are not funding incitement against Israel.

The letter's two authors, Reps. Rothman and Austria, are both on the Foreign Operations subcommittee of Appropriations, an 11-member panel responsible for all spending on the State Department and foreign aid.

Rep. Rothman, who could not be reached for comment, has a long history of using his perch on the highly influential committee to prevent U.S. taxpayer dollars from funding terrorist groups or their propaganda.

In 2007, for example, he helped close loopholes exploited by the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development to give financial and other assistance to the Hamas-controlled Islamic University in Gaza, among other terror-tied entities. But he didn't stop there. His efforts ultimately led to the creation of the Partner Vetting System, which finally forced State and other agencies to screen foreign aid recipients against terrorist watch lists.

In other words, J-Street picked the wrong guy with whom to fight. (J-Street refused comment for this story.)

Urging Congressmen not to sign the Rothman-Austria letter, a J-Street memo circulated on March 18 claimed that it was "beneath reasonable standards of accuracy and objectivity" because it failed to talk about Israel's misdeeds and all the positive actions from the PA. That mentality is what defines J-Street: Israel's negatives must always be highlighted, while the PA should be put in the best possible light.

While J-Street complained that the letter didn't give credit to the PA for increasing security cooperation with Israel, the "pro-peace" outfit neglected the repeated instances captured by Palestinian Media Watch of Abbas and his officials--including "man of peace" Prime Minister Salaam Fayyad--honoring and glorifying "martyrs."


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  1. conguano8:36 AM

    And now perhaps you could tell us when did the Palestinian Authority last incite ts people to commit terrorism against the Jewish state?

    Strange that you talk about American poitics and never mentioned AIPAC.

    Could you ever possibly imagine, in a month of Sabbaths, a bipartisan letter calling on President Obama to pressure Israel to end its longstanding practice of stealing Palestinian Arab lands.

    Oy vey!

  2. Shawarma Mayor8:36 AM

    Read through the blog for various very latest incitements. Also, check out the many links from left and right side of the blog for more examples of continued PA calls for violence. Your comment is completely detached from reality.

    Why are you obsessed with AIPAC? Are you an anti-Semite who believes Jews ought not have a lobby? Why are you OK with the Arab lobby which basically calls for boycott and war against Israel? AIPAC have never advocated anything evil or malicious.

    "Practice of stealing..." - dream on. Hater. Read some history and not just propaganda. It would appear from your statement - that basically you are OK with murdering Jewish civilians and Obama should condone it as well.

  3. conguano8:36 AM

    I asked you a simple question, when did the Palestinian Authority last incite ts people to commit terrorism against the Jewish state? Please answer.

    This is the kind of lousy antics your AIPAC lobby is up to:

    You claim AIPAC has never advocated anything evil or malicious. If what you have just read in the above link isn't enough, AIPAC lobbied hard for both invasions of Iraq and is now busy lobbying for a preemptive strike against Iran.

    It does not surprise me that an Arab lobby called for a boycott of Israel, something I wholeheartedly support but I find it hard to believe that they have lobbied the United States to declare war on Israel. Could you provide some evidence to support this astonishing accusation? Perhaps you could also tell me the name of this Arab lobby.

    "It would appear from your statement - that basically you are OK with murdering Jewish civilians and Obama should condone it as well."

    What on earth are you smoking? Have you been paying any attention at all to who is actually is doing the killing and who is doing the dieing? An Israeli has more chance of dieing from a peanut allergy than from Arab violence.

    Oh yes, and stealing is when you take something that does not belong to you. The practice of stealing is when you make a habit of it.

  4. shawarmamayor8:36 AM

    1. incitement April 8th 2011: You may browse the rest of the site for more recent such actions.
    2. Distributing lies and fables will do you no good. Neither invasions were lobbied by AIPAC.
    3. Arab Lobby:, also check out CAIR, MAS and the rest of Hamas supporting groups. Everything that is funded by external Arab sources and advocates all sorts of hate against Israel and Jews falls into that category.
    4. You count dead bodies for your own amusement. Incompetence by murderers does not negate their intent and attempt. Israel retaliated towards those who attacked them, in the way civilians have died, while the terrorists hid among them. To defend your own civilians is not an act of murder. Your inability to distinguish the two is the result of your bias and hate.
    5. There's no point in arguing with you on facts. You are a hater. You believe that Jews don't belong in the land of Israel therefor you exclaim you believe it is theft. Actual real estate paper work and historic facts are irrelevant to your blind hatred. Stop wasting my time.

  5. conguano8:36 AM

    1. I asked you a simple question, when did the Palestinian Authority last incite it's people to commit terrorism against the Jewish State and you give me a story about a soccer tournament without a single connection to the PA.

    In Israel terrorists become prime ministers. As you are aware Menachim Begin, Yitzhak Shamir and Ariel Sharon were terrorists. Would you claim the Israeli government was inciting it's people to commit terrorism against Palestinians if any of their family members were to sponsor a soccer tournament? Of course not.

    Your claim was that the PA was inciting terrorist attacks.

    2. Israel To U.S.: Don't Delay Iraq Attack
    Sharon Government Urges Prompt Action Against Saddam

    AIPAC Demands "Action" on Iran
    "An American Strike on Iran is Essential for Our Existence"

    3. You claim "Arab lobby which basically calls for boycott and war against Israel?" Could you supply details of which Arab lobby is calling for war against Israel?

    4. As I said, Israel does just about all the killing but claims it's the victim while all the time taking more Palestinian land.

    5. You claim I believe that Jews don't belong in the land of Israel. Although much of what is now Israel is composed of confiscated Palestinian land I would like to see Israelis stay inside those borders where they belong.

  6. shawarmamayor8:36 AM

    1. Ludicrous. The tournament is in honor of murderers of civilians, your smear against Israeli leaders isn't worth a response. Distinguish between murder of civilians and former military officials whom have never been accused. Also, as I mentioned, the site I referenced provides many recent such activities, you choose to ignore it because it matches your narrative, but you are simply reiterating falsehood in face of facts.

    2. Once again, you try to smear AIPAC via loony lying website - the same source as before. Not worth a response. Report of Israeli PM conversing with American President is proof of what?

    3. Look - you asked your question - I answered you - you are trying to hook excuses. CAIR is Hamas front whom have been involved in fund raising for suicide bombing in the 90-s. What more do you want? Forget it - don't answer, I won't play your game anyways.

    4. Yep - you missed the point, you use the body count as excuse. Look around the website you are commenting at. Further debate is an insult to intelligence. There's no denying attempts to murder Jews by Arabs - but go ahead and tell yourselves your lies by judging end results of wars Arabs started and lost.

    5. I see no need to argue historic facts with you. It is not "confiscated land", nor is it "stolen" nor is it Arab or Muslim, it is a sovereign nation, recognized by the UN with a state of borders dispute attempting to make peace with neighbors who endlessly try to murder Jewish civilians. Criminal things were done in 1948 by both sides, both sides have suffered. You have no clue in legal matters, you simply chant slogans. "Stay inside those borders where they belong"? Which such borders? Jerusalem was ethnically cleansed from Jews by Arabs in 1948, should it be Judenfrei by your standards because anonymous you think so? Look - you start with "you claim", and then you don't deny it - but make an odd statement.

    You don't even deny being an Anti-Semite or a Hater

    Give me one reason to continue answering you?

  7. conguano8:36 AM

    1. Your claim was that the PA was inciting terrorist attacks. I asked you a simple question, when did the Palestinian Authority last incite ts people to commit terrorism against the Jewish State?

    You have not supplied that date.

    2. AIPAC "Not worth a response". How very convenient.

    "Report of Israeli PM conversing with American President is proof of what?" It's what they were talking about that matters. Interesting that you consider CBS news as a 'looney website'.

    3. "3. Look - you asked your question - I answered you". No you did not answer. You claimed that an Arab lobby in the US is calling for war against Israel? I asked you to supply details of which Arab lobby?

    4. And there's no denying attempts to murder Arabs by Jews.

    1948 By the time the Arabs attacked, hundreds of thousands of Arabs had already driven from the land. It was the Jews who attacked the Arabs first.

    1956 Israel in collusion with Britain and France attacked Egypt

    1967 Israel provoked and then attacked her Arab neighbors claiming self defense. A claim that Israeli leaders later admitted was false.

    1973 Egypt attacked Israel.

    1982 Israel attacked Lebanon

    2006 Israel attacked Lebanon

    2008 Israel attacked Gaza.

    5. "I see no need to argue historic facts with you." How very convenient.

    The world community would like to see Israel withdrawing to borders that predate the Six Day war in 1967. Acceptance of the Arab League peace plan would do a grate deal to bring peace to the region but this plan has been repeatedly ignored by the Israel and the AIPAC controlled Congress and Senate in the USA.

  8. shawarmamayor8:36 AM

    1. you got a date, and I posted on the blog links
    2. coutnerpunch - is the loony source. PM is not lobby
    3. exhausting. You questioned existence of Arab lobby, I answered. You asked what call to war - I answered
    4. Inversion of historic facts. Revealing
    5. "AIPAC controlled congress", again - revealing.

    and still no denying of the source of your assumptions: Anti-Semite, Hater. At least your last comment suggested you'd prefer peace.

    Refusing to argue facts with you isn't a question of convenience - it's a question of your stance based in lies and refusal to acknowledge known historic facts only to achieve your narrow world view which sees all evil in Israel and AIPAC while refusing to acknowledge any wrong done by Arabs.

    While this exchange was entertaining, it's pointless. I'm not sure what is your role within J-Street - but I can tell for a fact that you are a high ranking member, and it is revealing to watch your hatred of everything Jewish cast a new light on your organization.

  9. Brad Brzezinski8:36 AM


    Counterpunch is simply not a reliable source. In order to argue there must be some basis for agreement on reliability of sources. A source that has such a proven and malevolent bias is not worth much.

    There is strong evidence that Ariel Sharon was against the Iraq War. (This was not in the MSM, but suffice it to say that the very anti-Israel Tony Karon of Time, said on his blog that it was probably the case.) Once the USA decided it was going to Iraq anyway, of course Israel had to go along and provided intelligence and statements.

    If AIPAC controlled Congress and/or the USA then the USA would have gone to war with Iran. Also Hamas would not have been allowed to run in elections (what a lamebrained idea that was!) and Jonathan Pollard would be free.

  10. conguano8:36 AM

    I have absolutely nothing to do with J-Street and I have no affiliation whatsoever to any political party or organization.

    I believe in the truth of every word I wrote. If I am wrong about something it certainly wouldn't be the first time. But you certainly have not shown that to be the case.

    I am half Irish, quarter Scottish and quarter English. I was born in Iraq and have lived in various places in the Middle East, Europe and I now reside in the United States.

    My wife is Jewish, proud of it and I am proud of her.

    I do not respond to derogatory questions asking me to prove that I am not an Anti-Semite while calling me a Hater (your caps) in the same way as I would never take a loyalty oath to prove my patriotism.