Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Friends of President Obama - vote him out!

1. Van Jones (communist, truther, revolutionary - former advisor to Obama in the white house)
2. Samantha Powers (anti-semite, pro-Hamas, advisor to president on foreign policy within DHS)
3. Richard Trumka (union boss, socialist, frequent visitor to White House)
4. George Soros (currencies manipulator and revolutions agitator, financier of anti-America revolutionaries, many links to Obama)
5. Jeremiah Wright (anti-Semite, anti-white-racist, anti-America, Marxist "man of god", 20 years pastor to Obama)
6. Andy Stern(union boss, socialist, frequent visitor to white house, planning "workers of the world unite")
7. Bertha Lewis (ACORN, frequent visitor to white house)
8. Cass Sunstein(regulatory czar, loony environmentalist, anti-2nd amendment)
9. Bill Ayers (unrepentant socialist terrorist, initiated Obama's political career)
10. Jeffery Immelt (GE CEO, recipient of government favoritism, "jobs czar" for Obama while still CEO, conducted business with Iran through trickery while government tried to impose embargo)

And let's not forget Eric Holder...

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