Friday, April 08, 2011

Gaza fires all over the place, an erectile dysfunction syndrome as Iron Dome protects Israeli civilians

I think it's all about their lack of manhood.

* Iron Dome intercepts rockets fired at Ashkelon
* Iron Dome intercepts three Grad rockets as attacks on southern Israel continue
* Iron Dome destroys Grad rocket headed for Beersheba

When they can't get their manhood up, they aim for the kiddy bus.

A barrage of war crimes committing missile shooting at civilian population, and the world won't mouth a word until Israeli troops are strolling through Gaza.

Meanwhile, as Israel retaliates at the sources of the missile launching, unarmed Arabs die as brave mujahedin launch from residential neighborhoods for cover.

At the end, their goal is to activate the global anti-Israel forces to retaliate to any Israeli action of self defense:

* Haniyeh: Stop Israeli aggression

Yes - that was their intention all along, to get Arabs killed to put pressure and potentially military action against Israel by UN-lefty or Egyptian/Turkish forces.

I covered it here a month ago.

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