Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Antisemitism and other animals

Where should we start? Forces of evil were really busy lately.

* Jewish synagogue targeted by arsonists in Greece

* DC Synagogue and Jewish-Affiliated Businesses Attacked on Passover

* Oslo Taxis Refuse to Drive Patrons to Synagogue

* Helen Thomas Out of Anti-Israel Event, because while they are anti-Semitic, they don't feel THAT MUCH anti-Semitic.

* Obama, the Interpreter of the Message of Passover

* BBC Trust: 'Death in the Med' was 'Accurate and Impartial' (Arab groups protested impartial coverage, wanted BBC to participate in lynching Israel)

* Vanity fair publishes a vile anti-Semitic opinion in response to Glenn Beck's Israel special, annoyed-much by commercial for donations to holocaust survivors?

Meanwhile, Hamas and Islamic Jihad were busy creating spy networks in Israel, no doubt for the sole purpose of murdering Jews.

Israel: Lawyer indicted for passing information to Islamic Jihad, update - make that four Arab Israeli lawyers.

Report: Australian arrested on suspicion of being Hamas spy

Forces of evil are indeed busy these days.

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