Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pro Nazi Hamas flotilla postoned

Honest reporting provides us with reasons:

Why Was the Gaza Flotilla Postponed?
Choose the best answer. The real reason the IHH postponed its Gaza flotilla is because:
A) The IHH doesn’t want controversy disrupting Turkey’s June 12 parliamentary elections.
B) Macho Islamists know IDF commandos will be armed with more than paintball guns.
C) Organizers are having a hard time recruiting crew members and humanitarian ringers. Others who already signed up are backing out.
D) Ship owners aren’t loaning out vessels, fearful Israel will confiscate them.
E) Flotillista fundraising to purchase ships is simply floundering.
G) All of the above, though I wish it was because they’d realize that there’s no humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

OK, let's find a few other potential reasons:
* Obama pressured Turkey, which despite public comments - has acted against IHH.
* Volunteers suddenly realized they might be murdered by Al Qaeda in Gaza, therefor backed down
* Having been exposed as anything but humanitarians, the organizers might have realized their publicity stunt might not work twice
* The Muslim Brotherhood activists are too busy overthrowing Arab governments to be bothered with a Jihad Cruise Ship
* 9 Jihadis got to meet their virgins last year, unexpectedly I think. This time around, we may learn that talk is cheap, but bravery is hard to find among the Jihadi haters.
* Postponed - but is it cancelled? It seemed that every attempt at sending flotillas to Gaza was shrouded by a mist of disinformation and flexible dates. Isn't it just a case of the same issue?

My 2 cents.

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  1. The Gaza Flotilla's goals are not peaceful, I believe they are trying to gain more attention and publicity.  Israel has every right to defend their country, just like the United States would.  I would like to invite you to check out Prevent the IHH Flotilla Towards Gaza