Tuesday, April 12, 2011

HRW declares all actions of self defense by Israel illegal

Morally depraved biased tools. Setting the bar for Israel completely different than any other war arena.

Israel/Gaza: Protect Civilians From Attack

The legal justification for the Israeli attack is unclear. The laws of war require that a target be identified as a military objective before being attacked. In case of doubt, the people targeted must be assumed to be civilians. Further investigation is needed to determine whether all feasible precautions were taken prior to the attack and whether the tank crew failed to discriminate between combatants and civilians in serious violation of the laws of war, Human Rights Watch said.


According to this Israel can never retaliate, because it is always guilty if there are any civilian casualties. Every shot fired back must be assessed by lawyers, collect evidence, and delayed beyond reason. Makes sense? Are these "laws of war" applied to any other war zone? It would seem it is specifically wiggled and twisted to de-legitimize Israelis right to self defense.

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