Sunday, April 03, 2011

Assad: I'm not murdering you - hey look - you are all zionist agents


from JPost

Relating to a news bit that's a few days old - but still relevant to the people being murdered by "The Reformer".

Syria's Assad: Israel, Foreign Media to Blame for Unrest
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad addressed the nation from the parliament on Wednesday in what appeared to be a carefully staged production, with huge rallies of support and wild applause.

Legislators chanted as he entered, “God, Syria and Bashar only!” and “Our souls, our blood we sacrifice for you Bashar.”

Estimates of how many people have died to date in clashes between protesters and government security forces since a government crackdown began March 18 vary greatly.

Activists on social networking sites claim that more than 130 people have been killed. Human rights groups have told reporters that more than 60 have died. The government estimate stands at 30. But at least 200 have been wounded in recent demonstrations.

Deflect Attention to Israeli Conspiracy, PA 'Cause'
One of Assad's first moves was to express the hope that Arab unrest across the region would bear fruit in the Palestinian Authority's fight against Israel, while carefully distancing Syrian citizenry from the PA sector.

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