Saturday, March 12, 2011

World leaders who condemned building houses for Jews, silent when Arabs slit throat of baby; Bibi complains

Most news sites, pushed this terror attack to tiny subtitles hidden somewhere at bottom of front page or in inner pages. The headlines did best to hide the story as well, it's not "army claims 5 Israelis dead" or "army claims terror attack". There's a dead baby, a slaughtered family, and candies in Gaza to celebrate. Why not report it?!

Israel mulling publication of shocking attack photos(ynet)

(normal photo of the victims, from walla)
Officials at the Prime Minister's Office are mulling the option of releasing shocking photographs of the terror attack aftermath in Itamar to the foreign media.

The perpetrators of the massacre in the West Bank community entered a family home late Friday and slit the throats of three children and their parents while they were sleeping.


Bibi: Why are Israel critics silent?
In a televised speech Saturday evening, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered his condolences and encouragement to relatives of the victims and to Judea and Samaria settlers.

"Don't let your spirits drop," the prime minister said, while stressing that security forces will make every effort to nab the perpetrators of the attack.

Netanyahu also demanded that the international community condemn the brutal killing.

"I noticed that some of the states that rushed to the Security Council to condemn Israel, the Jewish State, for planning to build a home somewhere, are slow in issuing a harsh condemnation over the murder of Jewish babies," he said.

"There' is no justification whatsoever, no excuse and no forgiveness for the murder of babies," the PM said.

Religion of inhumane monstrosity.

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