Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Opinion: Israeli civilians under attack, expect UN condemnation of Israel

Jews stand alone these days. You don't need much proof to be presented anymore. The global hostility Obama initiated against Israel, resulted in Germany, France and the UK abandoning Israel at the UNSC and allowed a barrage of pro-Hamas propaganda blitz on British TV and cinema. Not one world leader steps up to condemn slitting the throat of a Jewish baby by an Arab terrorist. Not one voice in the UN condemns ongoing bombardment of Jewish population around Gaza. Yet for some odd reason, a coalition of idiots sends planes to protect Al-Qaueda in Libya. What the heck is going on here?

(Picture from today's bombardment of bus stop, from Eye On The World)
Bolstered by successful revolutions in Yemen and Egypt, Hamas' bosses at the Muslim brotherhood, in cooperation with their new Persian Shiite financiers in Iran, have pushed for a new onslaught of murders and bombing against Jewish civilian population in Israel. Yet the world is silent. Worse, the world is still putting pressure on Israel without any relation to the strategic earthquake it is going through and the risks of genocide it might incur if it lets its guards down.

Israel has to retaliate. Israel must defend from murderers actions. Yet any such action will result in Arabs dying. Those might be terrorists in civilian clothes, or the civilians who support them and let the terrorists hide behind. Israel will surely retaliate, and Arabs will surely die. And the punch line is that only then will we see and hear the world powers convene to denounce "violence on both sides" and take actions against Israel and only Israel.

Israeli leadership faces tough choices, do they step into this political trap and allow all hell to break loose, or do you allow Jewish blood to be shed without reaction - until "better international conditions emerge". This was the choice made in the early 2000-s. Israel let it happen, let the bombings continue until Bush was convinced Israel has the right to retaliate without being denounced by the UN.

And then came Obama and turned Israel strategic position on its head. Israel is alone, and whatever it does it will suffer consequences. Can Israel wait 2 more years? Which is the worse option to be taken? What are the Iranians, Muslim brotherhood and international Leftist groups planning here? It's not just a murder here and there, some bombardment, some bombs. No - there is a plan and before Israel retaliates it needs to identify what it is and counter it in any way possible - including exposing the conspiracy for what it is.

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