Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Israeli grocery store sued to restore employment of Arabs after sexual molestation, theft, violence, and celebration of murders at Itamar

The Israeli governmental socialist agency for equality in the work force is suing a popular grocery store chain for discrimination. These employees place is in jail, not being protected by the government.

Original article is in Hebrew, auto-translated here.

Update: It was probably better translated by its original author at
Court asked to intervene after 21 Israeli Arabs laid off without warning

My quick translation:
Complaint: grocery store branch fired its Arab employees

21 Arab employees in the Modi'in branch of the grocery store chain "almost free" complained to agency of equal opportunity at workplace because they were fired. The chain: the employees acted violently


The lawyer in charge of the suit said the chain's claims of violence were insufficient and there's a suspicion of discrimination.


The chain responded: "The chain was forced to fire these employees due to their violent actions, including threats on the branch's manager, his deputies and the rest of the employees there as well as the customers while disrupting managerial hierarchy.


The dismissed employees conducted physical threats against employees, suppliers and by standers, sexual harassment, theft, sabotage and more. The straw that broke the camel's back without a doubt was the bragging after the massacre of the Fogel family in Itamar. Some of the things said by these employees caused to severe distress and worry for personal safety of peer employees.


The chain still employes about 496 Arab employees which is about 23% of the entire workforce.

How fun to be forced to employ these kind of terror supporting sexual molesting violent scumbags.

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