Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hmmm... Obama changes course on Iranian Nukes, willing to let it happen?

Well, two things:

1. Is it a change of course - or was it the policy to begin with. Abandoning Israel to the whims of the nut-jobs at Iran?

2. It is the headline on Debka. Need I say more? DEBKA.

I won't provide a link (google it, you'll find it) because I think DEBKA is not a news source, rather a hyperventilating analysis source which for some reason never gives you a link or footnotes. A mysterious "our sources say" tries to gain some credibility by pretending to be something it is not. They base their analysis on openly available sources we can all reach, they just represent it as news rather than what it is. Speculation.

Now to the content of it: The claim is that Obama has let down Israel and Saudi-Arabia by accepting existence of Nuclear bombs in the hands of the Mullahs - rather than try to stop it or fight against it.

In other "good news", Turkey is about to provide Iran with the necessary high-def satellite imagery of Israel so their missiles won't miss. Fantastic how the US is still funding Turkey's military buildup and it is still considered an ally and a NATO member. Just fricken-fantastic.

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