Friday, March 18, 2011

Purim, Israel's Halloween

Just keep your St. Patrick leprechaun costume on for a few extra days... (yea I know you don't put on costumes, just wear Green). Perhaps the only thing in common between the two holidays is the tradition of binging. Did I say tradition? It's a Mitzva! You HAVE to get drunk on this Jewish holiday - I know quite a few people who would consider switching religion if they'd know this religion commands you to get drunk...

Want to dress up like Haman? Like Ahmedinajad (same thing)? Consider this costume, it's not for sale... it's a leprechaun character in some bad-bad movie...

Interesting that the Mullahs in Iran are now rewriting history, claiming that Purim is a holiday commemorating a massacre of Persians by Jews, where this holiday's scriptures explicitly state to celebrate being saved from Persians massacring Jews. But hey - the Muslims in Iran have a lot of massacring to hide. Massacres of non-Shiite-Muslims in Persia that is. What did the Shiites do to rid Persia of its original religion, Zoroastrianism? Persia is under a Shiite occupation.

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