Sunday, March 20, 2011

Questions regarding Obama's adventure in Libya

1. If you aren't working to depose Qadaffi, why exactly are you bombing?

2. Did you request congress to declare war?

3. Did you get funding from congress?

4. Isn't it hypocritical to open a war, any war - after how the Democrats demonized the GOP over Iraq?

5. Why is the commander and chief going on vacation in Rio the day he opens war?

6. If the goal was to protect civilians, why did Obama wait so long when congress was begging to enforce no-fly zones 3 weeks ago?

7. Bomb Libya? - yes, Iran - no? Why not protect Iranian protesters?

8. Where are all of the protesters calling Bush a Hitler and screaming 'no blood for oil'? Support the troops bring them home? All of the other crappy hateful rhetoric?

9. Who are the rebels in Libya? Who is their leader? What is their ideology? Where did they get their guns from?

10. What are the goals of bombardment? What qualifies as winning here? What would end the mission?

Talk about pound sand...

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