Sunday, March 13, 2011

Obama stumbling into conflict with Israel as presidential campaign looms

The supposed freeze that was already explicitly said to be over - is now officially broken after following the slaughter of Jewish children by Arabs, Israel proclaimed new construction to be taken.

Faster than anyone has condemned the murders, Obama rushes to proclaim his condemnation of Israel: Israel's approval of new West Bank homes counters peace efforts, illegitimate

I'm trying not to predict the future here, but raise questions regarding the result of what is sure to be yet another low in Obama's relationship with Israel.

Will Obama try to keep the obvious hostility under low flame as the rest of the world seems to be melting down? To me this sounds unlikely - as we've seen him personally condemn Israel after the UN veto. He made it clear he reluctantly put the veto.

If a new Israel-US crisis emerges during the presidential campaign, and Obama sweeps with him the Democratic party in an Anti-Israel wave, AND HE WINS - not because of the Israel issue - What will that mean to the future of Israel-US relationship? Consider it a possibility as Obama is still with a 47% approval rating. Don't ask me why he might win - I've found him detestable from before he was elected.

I blame Obama for Israel's current isolation. He put the wheels in motion and drove the current non-existing peace process to the ditch it stands in now. He revoked prior administration's commitments to Israel without holding any public debate in the US regarding this policy shift. Obama wants Israel to take unilateral non-revoke-able steps which will put Israel existence in danger in exchange for absolutely nothing.

Lucky for Israel - all is not grim. Some would say - a new energy producing power is emerging. A power to be respected and treated fairly for once in the global diplomatic arena. For that I think, several current world leaders would have to go. That day is not that far. I hope.

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