Monday, September 13, 2010

Why outsiders don't get American Football? Examine Lions vs Bears robbed touchdown controversy

WAY - OFF TOPIC POST...(apologies, I'm a real person, not a headline collecting machine)

I find it hard to understand how this - is not a touchdown. But the lawyers in charge of crafting football rules - as well as Chicago fans - do understand this. So good job NFL rule makers. Your rules make sense everywhere outside of Michigan...

Image taken from sports illustrated. For once, no swimsuits.

Let's review non-touchdown in video:

Coming from Israel, like the rest of the world - Soccer is #1 sport. I must admit though, without having your heart into it - without cheering for anyone, it gets boring.

Americans found a solution to the potential boredom of watching a group of men chasing a ball - run for no more than 20 seconds at a time, and entertain the viewers with 5 minutes of commercials. I guess it works... (pardon my sarcasm)

OK - seriously, I watched the Lions game yesterday and I now believe that providence might have it against the Lions. Winning is not their thing...

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