Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On my way back

Bangkok, humid and hot - and my host whom I worked with had his A/C in the car broken. Brings me back to the days of working in Tel-Aviv, driving around with a busted old car with no air conditioning.

What did I miss?

Well, it seems the peace talks are over. Hmm.. some extra rockets fired from Gaza, another attempt to murder Jews on road in 'west bank'. What else? A 'Jewish' flotilla of one boat was stopped, lefties whine, lefty women supporters of 'Palestinians' are raped by Arabs, elections in the US is coming close - Mark Lamont Hill is an ass clown calling tea party protesters racists - showing 'proof' which is a study by an ass clown as loony and hateful as him.

We didn't start the fire... it was always burning since the world's been turning.

The world keeps turning, I'm heading home.

PS. I hear that koko the monkey, aka, Ahmedinajad gave some bizarre interviews right after a truther speech at UN. Seriously, where are the NY crazy senseless murderers when you need them?

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