Thursday, September 02, 2010

Former PA head of security vows: 'We'll hit Hamas with an iron fist'

The same guy who participated and coordinated terror attacks on Israel in Gaza at early 2000-s riots, who eventually was chased away from Gaza by Hamas. The truth is that not a single PA official has a tiny bit of credibility.

PA official vows: 'We'll hit Hamas with an iron fist'
Fatah official Dahlan says negotiations doomed to fail because US is biased in Israel's favor; PA police promise Hamas crack down.

Palestinian Authority security forces have vowed to arrest Hamas members and bring order to the West Bank, according to a Thursday report by London daily Asharq Al-Awsat.

"We arrested hundreds of Hamas members, and we'll continue to do so," a high-ranking Palestinian Authority official told Asharq. "We will prevent them, however we can, from bringing anarchy to the West Bank. We will hit them with an iron fist."

Interesting twist - talks are set to fail - blaming Obama?

Every time I hear of fists I'm thinking of 'the people's cube'.

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