Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gaza bombards Israeli major city: Ashdod, Israel strikes back

Sounds like Hamas-holes looking to be taught next lesson in modern war-fare.

War on Peace: Rocket Attack Near Ashdod
Terrorists in Hamas-controlled Gaza escalated rocket fire Wednesday morning and fired what apparently was a Grad missile that flew over Ashkelon and exploded near Ashdod. No one was injured and no damage was reported.

A Kassam rocket and at least three more mortars exploded in the Eshkol region south of Ashkelon in the second round of attacks in several hours, bringing to 10 the total number of rocket and mortar fire. An Eshkol regional council official said mass media mistakenly call the locations of rocket explosions “open areas.”

“These are farm areas and are not in the middle of the desert. People work there. The mortars and rockets fall near them,” he told Voice of Israel government radio. Several agriculture workers have been killed or wounded in previous attacks.

Was the following response a strong enough message? I doubt it.
IAF Attacks Gaza Terrorists after Israel Under Massive Attack
Israeli Air Force bombed targets in Gaza Wednesday, killing at least one terrorist after a massive missile and mortar barrage on southern Israel Wednesday morning.

At least 10 explosions rocked the area from the western Negev to an area between the port cities of Ashkelon and Ashdod. A major electricity generating station and oil and gas pipelines are located in Ashkelon. Ashdod is home to dozens of oil refineries.

Arab sources said one terrorist was killed in an attack at Rafiah, a city the straddles the border between Gaza and Egypt and which is a prime source of smuggling tunnels. The IDF aerial attack came hours before Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at his official residence in Jerusalem.

The fruits of the Turkish/Leftist alliance to alleviate economic pressure on Hamas to be on display very-very soon. Unfortunately, Israeli leadership will not retaliate in full force until a full blown disaster happens.

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