Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Arabs riot in Jerusalem, one shot dead, Arabs go to funeral - and riot

Surely they riot for 'peace and co-existance'? Oh - they want to live 'Jew-Free' - why - that's racist!

The story doesn't start with a guard murdering an innocent by-standing Arab. It starts with riots, with fire bombs on homes, with torched cars - then the death - then the riots again.

Security guard kills Palestinian in Silwan; riots ensue
Jewish security guard shoots 32-year-old man dead after being pelted with stones in east Jerusalem neighborhood; another Palestinian seriously injured in incident; police say officers, passersby injured from stones hurled during funeral procession

Every death is unfortunate - from what I'm reading, the first death was a result of an attack on the shooter, while what followed was an explosion of hate. There are reports of stabbing of by-standers.

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