Tuesday, September 07, 2010

While the media turns against Israel, Abbas showing true colors

In case you've missed it, TIME magazine and CNN as well as others are showing their bias and hatred to Israel these days:
TIME: “Israelis Too Busy Making Money And Partying On Stolen Arab Land To Make Peace”

Time Reporter Defends Controversial Cover Story
LA Times: Israelis do not have high hopes in peace talks
Talks barely began, CNN finds Israel guilty of failed peace talks
See a pattern?
TIME Mag Editor: It’s Too Bad That Israeli Wall Worked

Yet notice how real reporting clashes with the opinion writers distorted hateful view of the world:
Abbas: No 'historic compromise' on Jerusalem, borders
In interview with 'Al-Quds', PA president says Palestinians won't recognize Israel as a Jewish state, accuses Netanyahu of trying to "strip" Israeli-Arabs of their rights.

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