Tuesday, August 03, 2010

War Erupts Between Israel and Lebanon

From the sources I've scoured, I gather the following:
  • IDF in coordination with the UN and Lebanese army were working within Israeli territory to fix security cameras
  • Overconfident due to this coordinated effort, the soldiers did not mind the watchful eye of Lebanese soldiers at close range
  • Lebanese forces opened fire, Israel says a few soldiers were wounded (recent wording on Israeli news site suggest possible casualties)
  • Israelies retaliated, killing 3 soldiers and a 'news reporter'
  • Lebanese president came out in statements supporting further escalation
  • Rockets were fired again at northern Israeli towns
  • Lebanese villagers are packing their bags and fleeing
  • Israeli officials stated they do not wish to continue escalation, while certain operations within Lebanon are in action

Here's AFP's current summary:
Lebanese troops killed, Israelis wounded in clashes
Lebanese and Israeli troops exchanged fire Tuesday along their tense border in a fierce skirmish which left three Lebanese soldiers and a journalist dead, army and security officials said.
Lebanon's Hezbollah TV, Al-Manar, said a senior Israeli officer had been killed but there was no immediate confirmation from the Israeli military or the Lebanese army.
A Lebanese security official said at least one Israeli soldier was seriously wounded in the clashes which were apparently sparked when Israeli soldiers attempted to uproot a tree on the Lebanese side of the fenced border.

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Interesting how AFP is first reporting what the Hezbollah mouth piece is saying... before official statements from the IDF and Lebanon. If you follow the link you'd find what everyone else is claiming.

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