Monday, August 09, 2010

FAIL: Hezbollah tries deflecting blame for Harriri's murder on da jooooos

After they have already committed a revolution and stormed the streets of Beirut with their guns...

After accused every current and past Lebanese army official of espionage - and subsequently have taken over many units - to the point where a USA funded army is under Iranian commanders control...

After boasting he himself ordered to utilize Lebanese army to murder Israeli commander in response to cutting a tree...

Hezbollah chief ass-hole, Nasrallah - presents 'proof' that the Israelis - and not Hezbollah have killed Harriri. That's despite irrefutable evidence that Hezbollah agents took part in the assassination. His proof? A video of someone he claims to be an Israeli spy - telling Harrir that Hezbollah is trying to kill him. Also presented, incoherent and fuzzy video imagery without time-stamps he claims are Israeli UAV grabbed while Harriri was murdered.

In the land of cedar - the Iranian occupied Lebanon - every lie will go uncontested as Lebanon has long since surrendered to the Shiite Persians.

Time for America to stop funding the Lebanese army. It seems some in congress finally took some actions, hopefully not just temporarily.

Nasrallah presents 'proof ' Israel implicated in Hariri plot
Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah attempted to avert blame for the murder of Rafik Hariri Monday to Israel, saying he had "evidence" that the state had tried to convince the Lebanese prime minister Hezbollah was trying to hurt him.

In an especially vehement televised speech, Nasrallah presented footage of Ahmed Nasrallah, whom he claimed is of no relation to himself, saying he had served as a spy for Israel.

The second Nasrallah, who was arrested by Hezbollah, was shown telling the camera that he had informed Hariri the group intended to carry out an attack against him and his family using a car bomb, after numerous failed attempts on his life.

"I promised I would convene a press conference to open up new horizons and help in accusing Israel of the assassination of Rafik al-Hariri, and that is what I am doing," Nasrallah said in the beginning of his speech.

"Since 1993 Israel has been trying, using its agents, to convince al-Hariri that Hezbollah was attempting to assassinate him."

Nasrallah claimed that Israel immediately blamed his organization for the murder. "Israel has the ability to carry out operations of this kind and all of its operations in and outside of Lebanon are evidence of this," he said.

"We recall many cases in which agents entered through the beaches and various ports. Israel had the motive and the interest. It is hostile to the entire resistance movement, especially Hezbollah, as well as Syria."

The Hezbollah chief explained that Israel "was trying to make Syria leave Lebanon and this was the backdrop for the Hariri murder".

"This blood was used to remove Syria from Lebanon and to harm the resistance. This is the motive and the interest," he added.

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