Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Has Obama abandoned Israel? an ad

I'm posting this ad for free, my opinion below...

Hmm... as I understand Obama, his roots, his pals - he cannot be a friend to Israel. His speech at Cairo showed him to be ignorant on history, a person who has bought into the propaganda the left has been feeding him all these years. Over the last 2 years - he did his best to humiliate Israel's PM, he put his focus on stopping further construction in Jerusalem, and then... a big photo-op with Netanyahu both claiming there is no crisis.

The last twist came last week with Russia turning on the power switch in Iran's nuclear power plant - officially supplying the Iranians with the materials needed for a plutonium bomb, while Obama kept silent and his spokespeople mumbling something about 'no danger for at least 12 months' - so why are you worried?

That being said - I see Obama right now in a transformation period. I don't know him to be hostile to Israel anymore. It could very well be that being in office for 19 months and getting his briefing from intelligence sources rather than media matters and Huffington post might be changing his mind. His catastrophically legislation and economic policies are sure to induce his ulcer as well.

Transformation is happening before our eyes - we should continue observing critically. Is it all a show? Will he re-emerge the same radical the day after mid term elections?

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