Sunday, August 22, 2010


While I suffered through a week of hives and dizziness from really messed up medication, I didn't blog a word about the following news bits:

* US strong arms PA and Israel to negotiate peace directly under Obama's supervision and promise a deal in a year. Expect everything to blow up - big time. OK - suppose they reach a deal - what about Gaza? What about a month an hour after further Israel withdrawal in Jerusalem and West bank? Can Israelis stand by and watch Hamas/Iranian troops storm the wailing wall/kotel?

* Iran started manufacturing nuclear material for a plutonium bomb in their Russian supported power plant. Israel and the USA did nothing to stop it. Guaranteed long term human catastrophe to follow.

* Iran boasting more reversed engineered UAV-s and missiles. Threatening to blow up the world. USA and UK say it's not a big deal.

* Congress report says that all of the technology the USA achieved by the end of the 90-s was stolen and reversed engineered and is now manufactured by China and equips the worst regimes in the world. Analysts connect the data to suspicious deals between the Clinton administration to Chinese individuals. I'll add that the Clinton admin knowingly delivered missile technology in the 90-s to "save money on satellite placements".

* Israel is abuzz about Generals squabbling and news outlets hyping the situation.

So I guess it was pretty much a messed up week for the world...

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