Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Israel Radio: Sgan Aluf killed by Lebanese

That's a two stars officer. (in IDF referred to as 'fallafel' not stars)

Report confirmed: IDF officer killed on Lebanese border today
Israel Radio reports (6:00 pm) that Northern sector commander Gadi Eizencott has partially confirmed my report here. Eizencott said that two senior officers were seriously wounded. He did not provide any more details.

Israel Radio now reports (a few minutes later in the same broadcast) that a division commander with the rank of (Res.) Sgan Aluf (Major?) Dov Harari was killed today in Lebanon and another commander was seriously wounded and is in Rambam Hospital in Haifa.

Eizencott also said that the IDF had stopped firing to allow the LAF to retrieve its wounded, and the LAF opened sniper fire half an hour later on a tank.


Update, here's ynet report: Senior IDF commander killed in border skirmish
Cleared for publication: IDF Lieutenant Colonel Dov Harari killed in border skirmish with Lebanese army Tuesday; another commander seriously wounded. Troops stepped into planned ambush, army says

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