Friday, August 27, 2010

America's leading lefty website, Huffington Post - called out for extreme anti Israel bias

A must read at Power Line:
The Huffington Post -- attacking Israel for fun and profit

Even at its best, the Huffington Post is a leftist organ. And when it comes to covering Israel, the Huffington Post is not at its best.
The Huff Watch blog does a terrific job of calling out the Huffington Post for its extreme anti-Israel bias. As Huff Watch has shown, that bias manifests itself in:
* The incitement of hatred against Israel, by prominently posting inflammatory allegations* against the Jewish state, and particularly the IDF --- then failing to post, or burying new information that proves Israel's innocence
* Publication of user comments containing anti-Semitic hate, libels and conspiracy theories, often submitted in direct response to this incitement --- even though the Huffington Post claims it prohibits such comments and that it won't publish them
* Whitewashing and ignoring the savage acts of, and statements by, militant Islamists
* Selecting and cropping pictures of Palestinians and Ahmadinejad that them in the most favorable light, while doing the exact opposite to Netanyahu, the Israel Defense Force, and other Jews
The most recent manifestation of the Huffington Post's bias involves the assassination of Lt. Col. Dov Harari, a highly-regarded veteran of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and father of four, who was ambushed and murdered by the Lebanon Armed Forces, with suspected involvement by Hezbollah. Harari's death was originally reported to be the result of an IDF incursion into Lebanese territory, to trim a tree, which resulted in a cross-border firefight. But soon it was discovered that both Harari and the tree were on Israel's side of the border, and that the IDF had scheduled this activity well in advance with U.N. and Lebanese authorities.
An LAF general later openly admitted that he gave the sniper the order to fire. And Lebanon's prime minister issued a statement, standing by his general, and threatening more violence against Israel.
The Huffington Post was quick, of course, to publish the original, false version of the story, which placed Lt. Col. Harari on the Lebanese side of the border...

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Israel will sure lose all support from the American left, given that the anti-semites have taken over the main sources of information which moderate to far lefties consume.

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