Sunday, July 11, 2010

Top 10 Reasons ABC Chose Christian Amanpour to Anchor 'This Week'

In case you haven't heard:
Christiane Amanpour Named 'This Week' Anchor

The evidence file against her is stacked. From her anti-Israel bias to her uber-Liberal frenzy. From her attacks on Christianity to her wishy-washy reports on Muslims. She is the most despicable human being in Media after Helen Thomas. Why would ABC choose to hire her?

Snarky reasons I came up with:
1. Micky Mouse converted to Islam and now hates Israel.
2. To bring ABC to the same ratings level as CNN/MSNBC
3. To compete with Al-Jazeera
4. It's a trick, she's really just going to be a 'Wipe Out' contestant.
5. Hiring ex-Clinton adviser as a news reporter isn't biased enough. Prepare for a Stephanopolis, Amanpour special. Now repeat it 20 times
6. Helen Thomas canceled on the last minute.
7. ABC viewers weren't brain damaged enough by Lost - we need some more reality blurring filters.
8. We need more in depth interviews with Arab spokesmen expressing how they are the real victims when Hamas blows up Israeli buses. Please, let the propaganda flow uncritically.
9. The show 'the Middle', should be renamed 'the middle finger'.
10. Seriously, ABC hates viewers.

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