Friday, July 30, 2010

Antisemitism in the US: Democrats against 'Jewish Money'

Best comment I've heard about this outrage yet, on Glenn Beck show: 'Politician, If you're not Schindler, don't make lists of Jews'.

McMahon compiles rival's 'Jewish money' list?
This is the kind of thing you don't generally see a campaign put in writing, especially in heavily Jewish New York, but the Observer has a story saying that aides to Rep. Mike McMahon offered them a list of GOP rival Michael Grimm's "Jewish money" for the second quarter.

I'm going to let the story speak for itself, and McMahon spokeswoman Jennifer Nelson is quoted in the story saying the point wasn't to weed out donors by ethnicity, but to show that a lot of Grimm's donors are not from inside the district.

Unfortunately for McMahon, the list is actually headlined "Grimm Jewish Money Q2."

David Freedlander quotes her saying that the finance director for the campaign put it together and "she's Jewish, so she knows a lot of people in that community," by way of explaining how anyone would know.

Funny how politico omitted the political party committing the racist act here...(sure the opponent is GOP, but you get the idea. What about the title?)

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