Thursday, July 15, 2010

Buy some Bush

Liberals lied, economy died - the book. Or some other title.

President Bush is publishing a book, I don't know if he'll finally set out to defend his presidency against the non-stop accusation by his political rivals. I wonder if his image should ever recover the orchestrated propaganda campaign and if the American people would care to listen to both sides of the story.

Right wingers were not pleased with Bush either - but usually for being a 'lefty' GOP president. For example, cutting taxes without cutting spending, not securing the border, trying to pass immigration reform, increasing social benefits such as S-Chip - medicare. And of course, finally, the banks bailouts and taking over of AIG.

To me, my biggest issue with Bush is his naivete. His lack of ability to stand in front of the camera and defend his actions has lead to his demolished public persona.

The Drudge headline suggested that somehow this will have an effect on the upcoming election. Considering how low of a public opinion Bush has - if anything - it will work against GOP. Changing the conversation before the election to discuss Bush's legacy will definitely be in favor of DNC goals.

Consider his new book:

I have a soft spot for President GW-Bush. And the liberals at Ann Arbor can suck it. Some still have their impeach Bush signs on the front lawn.

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