Friday, July 09, 2010

A thought about Obama's answer as to why do Israelis dislike him

We all know why, I'll enumerate a few reasons below. But I have a new one to begin with:

Israelis could hate president Obama because he invokes his middle name as an excuse for his lack of popularity in Israel, not because of his middle name.

Dishonesty and hypocrisy are much stronger agents here. Here are the real reasons why Israelis dislike Obama:

1. Pressure to halt development in Jerusalem (not in settlements, which most middle to left leaning Israelis despise themselves)
2. Allowing public flogging of Israel at UN, UNSC, UNHRC - without veto, to the contrary.
3. Voting in favor of Nuke related resolution in UN against Israel, and only against Israel.
4. Public flogging of Israel on US Media by top WH officials following Biden's visit.
5. Biden's visit to Israel was more of an insult to Israelis than a humiliation to Biden. Biden was a petulant insolent child and the Obama admin was too giddy to let it happen.
6. Obama came to Turkey, and Egypt - skipping Israel
7. Obama acted towards Israel PM in a publicly disgraceful way. We all noticed.
8. Obama expressed historical revisionism and complete misunderstanding of the reasons for establishing Israel at Cairo speech.
9. Obama was a member of a racist anti-Semitic church for 20 years.
10. Obama said 'no dividing Jerusalem', only to change his mind a day later.
11. Obama hired anti-Semites as advisers through-out his admin, who were giving public opinion in support of shooting down Israeli air-planes.
12. Obama wasted a full year before moving against Iranian nuke ambitions. Insisting there's room for talks.
13. Obama's addresses to Jewish holidays delivered over Youtube misrepresented and reinterpreted Judaism as some sort of a Socialist-Lenininst-Globalist bull-crap.
14. Obama is the one who gave the Arabs excuses to avoid coming to negotiation table. His own actions caused Arabs to halt direct talks, make demand for concessions towards indirect talks - still refusing to talk to Israeli government. It's Obama's fault.
15. Obama tried to reach out to Hezbollah and Hamas.
16. Obama's anti-terrorism czar was speaking to Arab students in NY, proclaiming his love for 'al-quds', by which giving at the very least the impression that the Obama admin renounces Jewish claim to Jerusalem.
17. Obama reversed every pro-Israel bush policy, and reverted an official USA commitment to Israel with regards to Jerusalem delivered by Bush via a secret diplomatic letter.
18. Israelis who love America are dismayed by what this socialist president is doing to America. A weak America puts Israel and the free world in danger.

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