Monday, July 26, 2010

Gaza: Hamas Violently Breaks Up Wedding Because Clan Loyal To Fatah

Hamas demonstrates how a totalitarian regime oppresses a clan based culture to maintain power. UN to condemn Iranian occupation and brutality in Gaza in 3, 2, 1... never.

Hamas breaks up wedding of Fatah clan with major land holding in Gaza
The Hamas regime continues to target clans in Gaza linked to the opposition Fatah movement.

Hamas security forces have attacked the Shawaf clan in the southern Gaza Strip. The July 15 attack began with an assault by masked gunmen, believed to be Hamas officers, at a wedding held for a clan member.

"The gunmen threw two sound bombs near the party and then started firing into the air to disperse the participants, after which they attacked the remaining participants with clubs and set fire to the party stage," the Palestinian Center for Human Rights said.

Chaos - the preferred form of government by terrorist prone violent residents of Gaza.

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