Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gazastan fires Iranian made missile at Israel

Bombardment of Israeli civilians resumed today with continuing deafening silence from every world body and media outlet who are consumed with admonition of Israel at every chance they get.
'Imported' Rocket Used in Gaza Terror Attack on Israel
Palestinian Authority terrorists in Gaza launched a number of rocket attacks on southern Israel on Saturday.

At least four rockets and mortars were fired at Jewish communities in the Gaza Belt region throughout the day, including one attack on Kibbutz Nachal Oz. Several rockets exploded in the Ashkelon Regional Council district.

No one was wounded in any of the attacks.

One of the missiles appeared to be a special “import” – a more advanced version of the missiles usually fired at Israel that had apparently been smuggled into the region.

The rocket, reported earlier in the day to have been a Kassam, failed to explode, according to police who said that it appeared to be a newer model, one that was possible to aim more accurately.

The missile, 115 mm in diameter, was taken to a police laboratory for analysis. Forensics experts later confirmed that the rocket had indeed been manufactured outside of the region.

Last year, PA sources claimed Iran had exported its rocket technology to Gaza terrorists, helping them to increase the range of their rockets to more than 20 kilometers. Israeli intelligence sources have since warned that ordnance has been "imported" into the region through the hundreds of smuggler tunnels that honeycomb the area under the border between Gaza and Egypt.

Meanwhile, daily humanitarian aid deliveries to Gaza have increased since a decision by the cabinet last month, and are carried out despite rocket attacks fired from the region at Jewish communities on the Israeli side of the crossing.

So let's recap - the so called 'blockade' was such a humanitarian crisis that glitzy malls popped up in Gaza. Israel was flogged publicly for it - continued to ease pressure on it's sworn enemies, to be answered with Iranian made weapons. Peace process a stunning success (from the point of view of its architects who have always treated it as nothing but a step in an going war to eliminate Israel)

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