Thursday, July 08, 2010

Racial Quatas in Financial Reform Bill: Isn't This Antisemitism?

I'm sorry - we all know that Jews are well represented in the financial business sector. I'm not stating it from an anti-Semitic point of view - rather as a defacto observation well known to everyone. Obama is trying to sneak in regulation where a government agency will determine who gets a job in this sector based on his racial background. Imposing quotas, this is precisely how Europeans have treated Jews in universities during the 19th century and a glaring indicator of an anti-Semitic society.

Hotair reports on the quotas system in the new bill:
Financial regulation bill dictates ethnic, gender quotas

It isn't just business killer - it's racist and will in no uncertain terms be used against Jews. DoJ was ordered to sue AZ for perceived fears of profiling, while the Obama admin is pushing in a huge racist intrusion by the Federal government.

I'll encourage anyone who doesn't get a job in the financial sector after this bill passes and the offices are put in place to sue the federal government for racial profiling and discrimination under the civil rights act.

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