Saturday, December 05, 2009

Video: Swiss Minaret Ban Media and Opinions roundup

H/T to Helena.

Also note Hotair's opinion of the ban.

Just to clarify my point of view: The ban is idiotic and only causes harm. The hyperbole by ADL is even more idiotic - they have abandoned their original cause. Countries which aim to respect freedom of religion - should keep that promise. That being said - the western world should take measures to fend off immigration from hostile cultures and countries. To deport and incarcerate all those who aim to harm their nation. To refuse funds from foreign countries aimed at infiltration, and subversion. If a religion is known to spread hate and intolerance - its followers ought to be profiled and watched closely. If the Swiss had used any common sense, they'd excuse their action by cultural/ taste/ architectural reasoning. It would still not make it much better. External western entities have no place to criticize the choice of the popular vote. Those who speak are individuals who happen to 'represent' their nation or groups - but in essence are not the true voice of the people. If you had popular votes in France and UK - you'd see similar results. The regular folks are fed up - and in Europe the eruption can turn violent and ugly.

The anonymity of the vote - allowed the Swiss to express their true opinion - which is they are appalled by Muslims and wish they would not settle in their calm country. You will be hard pressed to find those voters in the streets expressing intolerance.

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