Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Headlines from Israel

As collected this morning on my twitter account:
  • Documentary to debunk al-Dura shooting never let the truth stand in way of propaganda
  • Alleged Jewish terrorist's trial to open in Jerusalem Death sentence to all murderers and terrorists!
  • Druse youth demand equal treatment from state Heros!
  • Begin says Obama more problematic on settlements than Carter Obama-the most unfriendly Prez to Israel ever!
  • Netanyahu: PA has made strategic choice to delay peace talks no peace partners
  • As terror funds from Iran dwindle in West Bank,Arab women pushed to prostitution explode or blow
  • Egypt building iron wall on Gaza border to stop smuggling Apartheid wall?
  • Arab MK Barakeh Indictment Filed, several violent attacks against Jews at anti-Israel rallies
  • Jewish woman and 7 kids rescued from abusive Arab husband and village back to Judaism

Did I mention already? I have a twitter account - through which I push several headlines a day. Don't miss out.

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