Monday, December 14, 2009

Turkey threatens Israel militarily

A NATO member, with its own aggressive and offensive agenda runs wild.
* Israel would risk ‘earthquake’ with misuse of Turkish airspace, PM warns - clear threat to use force. Turkey's army is equipped with American and Israeli technology.
* Iranian propaganda: Turkey says we will not be silent if Israel bombs Palestinians again with phosphorus bombs (misinterpreted 4th generation)
* Bipartisan group of senators concerned about Turk treatment of Israel
* Karen Bekaryan: Turkey ruins its own reputation (about treatment of Israel and Kurds)
* Turkey, Israel pledge to mend battered ties (pledges, breaks, pledges, breaks...)
* Obama rebukes Turkey’s leader on Israel - Well... thanks Obama.
* Turkey condemns attack on West Bank mosque - every opportunity to condemn Israel, very Iran-like.
* Israel: Turkey's hostility is 'strategic' move - strategy of Jihadism, supremacism, hatred and extremism.

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