Saturday, December 26, 2009

Arab logic:Murder a man,get killed while capture,AVENGE!

New wave of terror is upon Israel, it always starts by deliberate acts of terror, getting hit back by Israelis - then starting a war in revenge.

At militants' funeral, Palestinians vow revenge on Israel
Some 10,000 people attended the funeral Saturday of three Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade operatives, killed in an overnight Israel Defense Forces raid near Nablus.

Security officials said the three had been involved in the fatal shooting attack on Thursday that killed 40-year-old father of seven Meir Hai near the settlement of Shavei Shomron, where he lived.

The funeral procession, attended by Palestinian Authority officials, was accompanied by many calls for retaliation for the IDF operation and promises to avenge the deaths.

"This is another heinous crime on the long list of crimes of the occupation," said Fatah's armed wing in a statement, which promised a speedy and painful response. "We won't stand around doing nothing and the blood of holy warriors will not have been spilled in vain. The enemy won't see anything from us besides the language of blood and fire."

In a separate incident overnight Friday, Israeli forces killed three Palestinians in the Gaza Strip in an air strike and ground fire on suspicion they were trying to infiltrate from Gaza.

A Hamas security source said the three shot in Gaza were apparently civilians collecting scrap metal in an industrial zone near the Israeli border.

The Nablus operation ended an extended lull during which the IDF refrained from any activities in the heart of Palestinian towns in the West Bank.

IDF troops entered the casbah of Nablus as well as the Ras al-Ayin region.

One of the dead Palestinians has been identified as Anan Subeh, 33, of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. The other two Palestinians who were killed are Raed a-Sarkaji, 38, and Raghsan Abu Sharah, whose brother was regarded as a top commander with the organization.

During the operation, a-Sarkaji's wife was wounded and was later transferred to hospital for medical care.

Palestinian security sources report that IDF troops surrounded the Nablus casbah at around 4:00 A.M. on Saturday. Then, the IDF surrounded one of the homes in the area before proceeding to forcibly enter. The Palestinians had refused Israeli soldiers' calls to surrender.

What makes the Palis think they can murder with impunity?

Oh yea, Obama!
Israel: U.S. Consulate Car Tried to Run Over Checkpoint Guard
An American diplomatic vehicle allegedly tried to run over an Israeli security guard at a border checkpoint in Israel last month, setting off a diplomatic scuffle that is straining relations between the two nations, the Jerusalem Post reported.

In an episode that was reportedly caught on tape, a five-car U.S. convoy was stopped at the Gilboa border crossing in the northern West Bank on Nov. 13 but refused to identify themselves or open any windows or doors for inspection by Israeli security.

What followed, according to the Post, was recorded in an official report that has kicked up a diplomatic dust storm in Israel.

Drivers in the American convoy blocked the crossing, the report says, tried running over a Defense Ministry security guard and made indecent gestures at female guards, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The incident led to a testy meeting five days later, when U.S. and Israeli officials met in Jerusalem to discuss the case and at least one other involving a Palestinian woman who was found in a U.S. diplomatic car without appropriate documentation.

The U.S. response, the Post norted, further angered Israeli officials: the chief regional security officer reportedly told his Israeli counterparts that "simple guards" had no authority to inspect senior diplomats.

The alleged incident apparently occurred just two days after the border crossing was opened to vehicular traffic, according to information from the Israeli Defense Ministry

Obama's Antisemitism Czar's First Target: Israel
So get this, Obama's new "antisemitism czar?" Hannah Rosenthal? Yeah, well rather than talking about all the antisemitism happening throughout the world, guess who her first target is?

You guessed it - Israel!

She publicly criticized the Israeli ambassador in Washington, Michael Oren, for criticizing J Street, the extreme left-leaning anti-Israel Jewish lobbying group:
Remarks by Israel's ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, against the liberal Jewish lobby J Street were "most unfortunate" according to Hannah Rosenthal, head of the U.S. administration's Office to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism.
Jeffrey Goldberg said, "the Obama Administration official charged with monitoring worldwide anti-Semitism makes her first target... the Israeli ambassador to the United States? I'll be taking bets now on how long Hannah Rosenthal lasts in the job."


Of course, it all makes sense considering this woman is an avid J-Street supporter.

Yid with Lid wrote:
...The appointment of Hannah Rosenthal is more proof of how our President is trying to push ahead an anti-Israel agenda. This move is just a little more cynical than his normal Israel-trashing move.

Non of the news bits quoted here should make any sense.

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