Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sharia Paradise: Palestinians fake cancer to flee Gaza

But isn't a totalitarian Islamic based regime a great idea? (Faint screams of Noooo.... from people being thrown from High-Rise roofs)

Palestinians fake cancer to flee Gaza
A healthy man in blockaded Gaza faked cancer, hoping the deadly disease would be his ticket out of the territory.

His ploy failed, but several thousand others succeeded in fleeing the territory this year using bribes and fake medical reports.

Israel allows passage to top business people and a limited number of Gazans seeking treatment for serious illnesses. Egypt sporadically opens its border for university students and those with residency abroad.

Everyone else is stuck, even as Palestinian polls suggest nearly half the population would like to leave if they could. Deepening the Gazans' sense of imprisonment, they must now also obtain permission from the Hamas government before attempting to leave, further complicating an obstacle-ridden path to freedom.

Those trying to bribe their way out usually approach middlemen who put them in touch with local doctors, Palestinian health officials or Egyptian bureaucrats and military officials.

Akram Ghneim, 31, an unemployed father of six living off food handouts, told The Associated Press he promised $260 to a Palestinian middleman, who obtained for him a bogus medical report saying he had cancer. Ghneim said he hoped he'd get a rare spot on the list of Gaza patients with life-threatening illnesses who are allowed to enter Israel for treatment.

Why Isn't Egypt/Saudi Arabia collaborating to allow the residents of Gaza flee their Iranian oppressors? Why isn't the (corrupt) UN refugee groups working to resettle residents of Gaza elsewhere? It's not like anyone will miss living there.

Well - the answer is obvious - the Arab world and the UN are collaborating to preserve Arab misery in Gaza as a spearhead in their war against Jews and Israel. That wasn't so hard to figure out, was it?

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