Wednesday, December 09, 2009

State of Peace Process:Israel Feezes Settlements,Arabs try to blow up Israelis

And thanks to the inexperienced potentially hostile administration in the USA for bringing Israel to this point in History.

The cave in to Obama: Rightist MK to Netanyahu: Jews are not popsicles to be frozen

And its reward:
IDF thwarts potential terror attack
IDF and Border Police forces thwarted a potential terror attack in Jerusalem on Wednesday afternoon, when they discovered six pipe bombs in a 20-year-old Palestinian man's bag.

The man arrived at the Kalandiya checkpoint in northern Jerusalem shortly after 3 p.m. Border Police guards stationed at the checkpoint searched the man after he raised their suspicions.

Two small pipe bombs were found in his bag, but more a thorough search revealed four other devices.

The man, who resides in the West Bank, was arrested and transferred for interrogation. During a preliminary interrogation at the scene, he admitted to planning to carry out an attack inside Jerusalem.

Police sappers neutralized the bombs in a controlled environment.

There were no casualties reported in the incident.

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