Thursday, April 09, 2009

With Obama - it's better to be a menacing enemy than a friend and ally

A worthy read:

Obama admin warns Israel, not Iran
American Thinker has carried numerous articles over the past two years predicting that Barack Obama would prove to be an appeaser of tyrants. He has fulfilled our predictions.

His obsequiesness towards the tyrannical regime of Iran; his bowing to the Saudi king (even the Center for American Progress; closely tied to the Administration, admits Obama bowed), his television address to the Arab world on a partially Saudi-owned cable network, his expansion of aid to the Palestinians; his claim that the Muslim world has enriched America; his commitment to join the UN Human Rights Council; his first call as President was to Palestinian leader Mohammed Abbas; his gutting of defense spending -- particularly the ending of the F-22 and missile defense programs -- crucial to dealing with regimes developing nuclear weapons; his placidity towards Russia's and North Korea's aggressiveness; his apology tour of Europe; well..the list could go on and on.

Now to be truly effective, his abasement of America must also reflect itself in the belittling and weakening our allies and friends. This he has started to do with his serial and shameful diplomatic faux pas involving Great Britain. Now he has turned his focus onto Israel -- a small nation surrounded by far more numerous and wealthy enemies -- one of which, Iran, routinely boasts that it will destroy Israel.

In the face of these manifold existential threats, what does Barack Obama do? He sends an unprecedented warning to Congress that there will be an upcoming clash with Israel and he demands that Congress support his policies. Will he send his legion of grassroots supporters to petition their Congressional members to support the President? After all, he has told them recently that he is "keeping score" regarding the level of support they show for him.

Just in case, no one misses the message, his Vice-President, Joe Biden, to reinforce the message to Israel that traditional American support may not be forthcoming. Last night on CNN, Biden warned Israel not to attack Iran. . Israel is a sovereign nation whose people face the prospect of another Holocaust. Yet the message from the leader of a nation who has in the past been its best friend is... what? Drop dead?

Any experienced leader would realize that threats of military force is one tool that can be used with diplomacy to shape other nations' behavior. America has just sent a message to Iran that they need not take risk into account in the future. As America cuts the F-22 Raptor and missile defense programs-just a day after North Korea (allied with Iran) launches a ballistic missile, what message is Obama sending to the rest of the world?

The era of Pax Americana has ended and with it much of the security for the Western world.


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