Thursday, April 02, 2009

Culture of death delivers: Axe wielding Arab murders boy - age 16, wounds 7 year old

Update: JPost says 16 year old, yahoo and Arutz Sheva say 13 year old.

In our insane world - it's normal for 16 year olds to be chased by an axe-wielding maniac screaming Allah Akbar - he's the victim of "occupation" and "oppression".

After being brain washed by their culture and persuaded there's nothing wrong with chopping 7 year olds with an axe - it's Israel's refusal to make peace that's the problem...

Axe-wielding terrorist kills boy, 16, wounds 7-year-old
An axe-wielding terrorist infiltrated the West Bank settlement of Bat Ayin Thursday afternoon, killing a 16-year-old boy after hitting him in the head, and stabbing a 7-year-old with a knife.

Government spokesman Mark Regev called the attack a "senseless act of brutality against innocents."

Speaking by phone from the scene, Magen David Adom paramedic Ronen Bashri told The Jerusalem Post that ambulances and emergency response teams were called to the settlement after receiving a report of an axe attack.

"We found a seven-year-old boy fully conscious with a head injury caused by a sharp object," Bashri said. "And we found a 16-year-old whom we had to declare dead on the scene."

Cringe those diplomats. Please - those diplomats can't be cringed by murder of children, so at least make them realize that these murders dissuade normal people from supporting suicidal "peace" proposals.

"Peace seeking" Arabs of the infemous PA are quick to shed any blame:
'Terrorist operated alone'
A Palestinian security official told Ynet an initial PA investigation into the attack showed that the terrorist apparently was not sent by any organization but was working on his own.

The Imad Mughniyah Brigades, part of Fatah's military arm, the al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, took responsibility for the attack. However, the security official said that this is not credible.

Please tell us how is it "racist" to hate those who wish to murder you?

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