Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Regarding those "Glenn Beck is a kook" discussions

I remember listening to Beck in the car while eating my fast-food window ordered lunch. He was talking to a caller who revealed himself bit by bit as a shadow militia guy with insidious motives which the caller refused to reveal. I was listening as after the caller hung up, both Beck and his radio producer were shocked and completely disapproved of these kooks. Beck recognized a dangerous kook and preached against such rhetoric. Does he realize that he provokes these people with his presentations?

Self criticism and refusal to talk in one voice is a good thing. I don't speak for you, you don't speak for me - we disagree, which is in my view a good thing.

I enjoy listening to many talk radio hosts. While Glenn Beck is entertaining and has many interesting points, he does not speak for me. A bit over the top and alarmist, yet very entertaining. All I can say is that he is honest and original. He does not speak on the behest of a major cabal or a think tank.

I write these things to contrast with the left and its kooky dwellers.

It is always important to listen to well thought out point of views. Even those who criticize the one you agree with more - or less.

Relevant criticism of Glenn Beck GLENN BECK AND THE RADICAL RIGHT (Aka - Glenn is a dangerous kook)
LGF: About Glenn Becks Extremist Rhetoric
LGF: About Glenn Becks Extremist Rhetoric Part 2

A quote:
Beck worries me. Conservatives worry me. I worry about myself. I feel trapped in a huge ball of cotton, trying gamely to make my way out but don’t know which direction to start pushing. I am losing contact with those conservatives who find Beck anything more than a clown - and an irrational one at that. Same goes for those who worship at the altar of Rush, Hannity, Coulter, and the whole cotton candy conservative crowd. I can’t take those people seriously. The fact that they are popular mystifies me. Our heroes 20 years ago were Reagan, Buckley, Fitzpatrick, Kirk, Goldwater, Anderson, and others who didn’t see conservatism as a meal ticket but as something to think about, to write about and contemplate man’s place in the world and his relationship to government and God.

I'm not picking a fight by this post. I listen to everyone with a big grain of salt. Unfortunately, no one's perfect. Many who are linked from this blog are not perfect.

PS: Live online shows of controversial right wingers:
1. Glenn Beck - WAAM Talk Ann Arbor, 12PM to 2PM EST
2. Rush Limbaugh - WJR Detroit, 12PM to 3PM EST.

Also, here's Glenn's site: Usually has interesting REAL news bits you will not find almost anywhere else. So despite a growing notion of Beck being a kook, his site does provide informative news bits. (In addition to the rest of the "not so great" the sky is falling bits)

Exit Question: Does listening to talk radio equate to voluntarily submission to 1984's big brother? (Are you/we willfully being brainwashed?)

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