Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Celebrating Freedom From Slavery, Eating Matzo Ball Soup

Another Jewish holiday, another traditionally linked food.

Most ashkenazi Jewish kids love that chicken soup with the somewhat bland ball of matza residue. Perhaps it's just what kids love, white and bland mushy balls. I'm pretty sure that sefaradi Jews - with their variety of spicy and colorful traditional dishes rather not even taste it... As for me, I like it. I acquired that taste since childhood.

A recipe for Matzo Ball Soup (Knedlach): Matzo Ball Soup Recipe

In Israel, today most families gather to tell the story of emancipation from slavery to freedom. Outside of Israel, traditional families would perform the Seder tomorrow.

Pesach Same'ah Vekasher.
(Happy and Kosher Passover)

More about passover: (I'm sure the antisemites love pronouncing that website name in reverse - as the hate mail I recently received suggests)

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