Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Today in Israeli food: Everything goes in a Pita, especially meat

I'm reminiscing:

(image found through google on flickr)

It's tradition in Israel to go on independence day to parks and barbecue. The Israeli barbecue is called "Mangal" or "Al Ha'esh" (on the fire).

I have childhood memories of grown men, flabby and shirtless - kneeling to a tiny grill and waving a piece of carton to make the charcoal burn a bit hotter to speed up the grilling.

Families gather with mounds of salads they have recently bought at the store (or made at home - no offense to anyone). And lots of meats. Kosher meats.

The Kosher steaks are a special bread - those who were accustomed to USDA choice steaks in the US - thick, bloody and juicy would be disappointed. I guess the plus is in the spice rub put on it.

You would also find Kabobs. Kabobs in Israel are not shish-kabobs on skewers - but a rolled meat patty with spices blended inside.

There are other meats you would find, including "sikhim"/"shipudim" - the traditional shish-kabobs.

Then of course - the grand finale, it all goes in a Pita. Nothing sits on plastic plates with a plastic fork.

Have you ever eaten a hot fresh steak off the grill in a pocket pita with Humus, Chopped Cucumbers, Tomatoes and pickles? Mmmm....

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