Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Today's Headlines

  • Obama announces: I was wrong, seeks to undo stimulus
  • Solar Panels give Michigan economy new wind
  • G-20 Participants engaged in secretive costume party. Merkel dressed as cat
  • Hamas to proclaim: Israel's government is racist
  • Afghani government commits to women right reform following international feminist groups pressure
  • Recession over announce major investors. Home prices spike in a week long purchasing spree
  • ACORN apologizes for stealing the election. Promises to act nice from now on
  • Bawni Bwank to fix economy. Gays jeer as he goes back into closet (looking for an even more expensive tie)
  • Norm Coleman gets his appeals approved. Finally sanity prevails and Al Franken will not be a senator.

HA!!! Happy April's Fool!

Except that the Hamas title is true...

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