Sunday, April 06, 2008

YNet , are racists. Walla - lies

Why? no reason, but they allow themselves to besmirch the name of Charlton Heston on the day of his death - calling him a racist for no reason.

NRA? You like guns - Racist!

Well Ynet - you are racists. Anti-Semites, anti-Americans, anti free world left wing hate mongers.


Walla/Haarets wants us to know that the "relative calm" was broken by Israel. Relative calm? A daily bombardment, sniper shots - trying to assassinate an Israeli minister - Relative To WHAT?! Oh yea, Palliwood claims a kid died, while standing next to armed terrorists shooting at Israeli soldiers. But of-course, Israel broke the "relative calm". Who are they fooling? Do they think Hebrew readers are idiots?! Let me smack you on the head 50 times, when you step on my toe I'll say you broke a relative calm.

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