Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rolling Stoners Magazine

Sadly I'm bombarded with this crazy lefty propaganda leaflet every month due to my Rhapsody subscription. It is vulgar and unbearably politically biased. They still call themselves "groovy music mag". I call them pre-soiled ass wipe paper.

Their idol is a racist candidate for presidency, to understand how bad this person is - here's an honest review of an item in his recent book, by Ann Coulter.

Wright the racist and Obama the racist open the flood gates and racism is flowing from so called "inner city community leaders"... More proof, here's how Jews from Israel are treated on MLK day in Los Angeles:
At Hot Air., At 5:35 into the video - something very smart is said: "It is opening the gate to something that is very unhealthy for the country". Indeed.

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